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Day in, day out not reaching our main objectives, despite having many innate resources. If we are honest with ourselves, we realize not using them successfully, either by underutilizing them due to fears, limiting beliefs and/or ignorance, or by lacking their previous reinforcement and/or actualization.

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So it is very important getting an early awareness, realizing what separates us from our dreams, and in an active way, driving us out of our comfort zone.

Steps that will allow us to achieve our dreams and our vocation:

  • Search the meaning and significance of our lives and concerns that drive us
  • Taking an active awareness that allows us to leave our comfort zone
  • Planning a personalized Integral Development, including training and skills
  • Implementation and monitoring



Integral Development

An Integral Development encompasses areas that need greater active awareness using the Coaching, and others need more training via both formal and practical workshops and via specialized trainers Consulting and/or Mentoring..

This Integral Development sessions towards our dreams would need 2 sessions each month.

Each session would last 45 minutes and may consist of:

  • Coaching in search of meaning and significance, developing an active awareness
  • Consulting to facilitate the training and skills necessary to accomplish our dreams
  • Basic Social Skills workshop: Emotional Intelligence and Assertiveness
  • Basic Self-efficacy workshop: Strategy Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Social Skills and Advanced Self-efficacy workshop: Training Leader-Coach
  • Mentoring and monitoring of the Integral Development