Why only dreaming?

Raul Moreno

Raul Moreno

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I was always eager to grow professionally, but I never realized nor what drove me, nor what wanted to be in the future.

Life had led me to study School Teacher and enjoyed working as a fitness instructor and personal trainer.

Thanks to Coaching deepened into what I wanted to become, discovering that I love helping others in performing sports activities to enjoy and physically overcome as they have never been able to imagine before. I also understood why my vocation as a teacher.

Coaching has also allowed me to bring a more balanced day, thanks to the power provided me bring to mind moments of stillness and relaxation offsetting potentially stressful situations.

Ultimately I feel much more energy and knowledge about myself , which is allowing me not only further develop intensely my current profession, but also be able to choose and get a coordinator position in AVIVA, the sport center where I work currently .

I recommend coaching for anyone who wants to discover himself!