Why only dreaming?

Luca Palmieri

Luca Palmieri

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Life is nowadays connected with a lot of pressure coming from the external environment (every sector is included: work, family, social relationship etc…).Feeling under pressure and not being able to face this condition properly can lead a person to easily “lose the control of the situation” in the sense of not being able to determine which the goals are and what the instruments necessary to reach the target are really needed.

Doing coaching with Antonio improved my personal skills exactly under this point of view.

Identify the real targets that your body and mind are searching for.

Being able to identify which resources you need

And finally feel enough energy in order to feel ready to “go for it”

Additionally, coaching is able to let you understand that in most cases the real question to be answered in life is not “why?” but it’s “how?”.

Grazie Antonio !