Why only dreaming?

Learning English

Learning English

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Who has never been anxious to travel and see the world?

For such a goal it is very important to be able to communicate. In most cases we find the large language barrier preventing us to come closer and learn about other cultures. Therefore it is normal that many people have the dream of learning English.

Before starting directly to study, we must deepen our dream of “learning English”, what it means and what it is going to make in our lives. As discussed in the other examples, this deepening, sometimes called mentalisation, is a journey into the world of our thoughts, emotions and body, allowing us to get an active awareness of what we want. During this trip is very important to have a coach who can take us by the hand.

Let’s assume the hypothetical case of a person who has certain characteristics:

  • Outgoing, strong ability to relate
  • Not readily acknowledge being wrong and passes abruptly; pigheaded
  • Poorly organized, with little ability to manage his time
  • Not learning from past mistakes, always bumping into the very stones

How would proceed Integral Development sessions towards the dream of learning English?

We will show an example of hypothetical sessions aligned with this kind of person.

SESSION 1st and 2nd – Integral Development – Sense & Meaning: Coaching deepening into Client’s dreams, what they mean for his life, and the actions he will decide to undertake. Let’s suppose he reaches the final conclusion he is seeking to come closer and learn about other cultures.

SESSION 3rd and 4th – Integral Development – Knowledge & Education: Based on the achieved active awareness, Client decides to join an academy and start studying English with renewed energy and motivation as a first big step for start discovering the world.

SESSION 5th and 6th – Integral Development – Strengths & Resources: Thanks to Coaching, Client acknowledges his lack of organization, having the belief of being a slave when his day is well scheduled. Based on the active awareness, he undersntands having a daily agenda is not equal as being a slave, so he creates his own one and starts following it up in his English studies.

SESSION 7th and 8th – Integral Development – Talent & Virtues: Client acknowledges his great ability to relate enjoying the company of others, but fear of embarrassment is blocking him. Based on the active awareness, he understands he was not born as English native, so no reason to be ashamed, so decides to participate in some informal evening meetings in an Irish pub with foreigners, allowing him to start practicing his English and enjoying knowing other cultures.

SESSION 9 th and 10 th – Integral Development – Self-efficacy: Client acknowledges often gets carried away by personal concerns preventing a change in his course of life. During the sessions he learns to improve his self-dialogue controlling his behavior.

SESSION 11 th and 12 th – Integral Development – Social Skills: Client realizes he is a bit stubborn not easily admiting making mistakes and defending his ideas sharply. He receives training and participates in Assertiveness and Relaxation Workshops. This allows him to both reassure himself and improve his type of communication with foreign people, who are more or less direct depending on the country.

SESSION 13th and 14th: Monitoring sessions through Coaching, Consulting and Mentoring. Client has already managed to has managed to strengthen the study of English, feeling accompanied by us in his achievements, to the final realization of his big step to reach his dream.

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