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In order to improve its economic performance companies using common sense tend to optimize the performance of each of its departments assigning different objectives according to their functions, without realizing they risk to create silos not helping each other, losing sight of what the customer really wants, vital to react to changing markets as they face nowdays.



The solution consists of maintaining a Culture of Innovation with team values, supporting workers and departments each other, and with client values, representing what they really want, and the company should aim to provide in natural way taking into account all the social and technological changes that occur in the market.


When introducing a Culture of Innovation is very important to follow a number of strategies:

  1. Transformational Leadership (Leader-Coach training) – developing high performance teams
  2. Innovation Department – leading strategies to promote and develop a Culture of Innovation
  3. Aligning Targets – avoiding silos which promote departments’ lost of perspective of clients needs
  4. Promoting Behaviours – rewarding behaviours team and clients oriented
  5. Integrating Departments  – promoting the understanding and alignement between different areas



Maslow Eng

In order to succeed in nowadays changing and competitive market is very important to have the ability to develop high performance teams, whose members are giving more than just an effort in return for a salary by means of feeling estimated and self-fulfilled, satisfying their most basic needs to the highest and productive in the Maslow pyramid ones thanks to work on our team, gaining at the same time in satisfaction and wellbeing.

Ultimately we need to support them in the transformation to the best version of themselves, therefore we need to become a Transformational Leader, Leader-Coach, mastering capabilities of Forging Alliances, Inspiring Goals, Challenges and Shaping Skills, integrating individual and team goals with company vision and value.

Transformation must begin in the top leadership, example to be followed, continuing with the rest of leaders and key people in the organization, so that we develop high performance teams as we implement a Culture of Innovation with values team and clients oriented, having analyzed in advanced the key needs and values of customers.





If you need help in implementing a Culture of Innovation or developing yourself as Leader-Coach we are here to supportt you.