Why only dreaming?

Create a Business

Create a Business

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Many people tired of working under the orders and ideas of others feel the need to create their own business, or rise through the ranks of their current company.

For such a goal it is vital to leave the comfort zone becoming the best version of themselves.

Where do we get the energy and motivation to create a new business?

The energy lies in reaching an active consciousness of what we really want to achieve, and for this it is necessary to deepen our dream of “creating a business”, what it means and what it is going to make in our lives. As discussed in the other examples, this deepening, sometimes called mentalisation, is a journey into the world of our thoughts, emotions and body, allowing us to get an active awareness of what we want. During this trip is very important to have a coach who can take us by the hand.

Let’s assume the hypothetical case of a person who has certain characteristics:

  • Introvert, little ability to relate
  • Very expressive, with great difficulty expressing his emotions
  • Impatient if events do not advance as quickly as expected
  • Good time management
  • A great fear of failing

How would proceed Integral Development sessions towards the dream of creating a business, for example a web of selling wine online?

We will show an example of hypothetical sessions aligned with this kind of person.

SESSION 1st and 2nd – Integral Development – Sense & Meaning: Coaching deepening into Client’s dreams, what they mean for his life, and the actions he will decide to undertake. Let’s suppose he reaches the final conclusion he is seeking to create wealth in the region, where he lives.

SESSION 3rd and 4th – Integral Development – Knowledge & Education: Based on the achieved active awareness, Client chooses with great energy to enroll in a course of creating web pages and do a market analysis reviewing existing webs of selling wine; Coach/Consultant has advised him on the steps to undertake.

SESSION 5th and 6th – Integral Development – Strengths & Resources: Thanks to Coaching, Client acknowledges his lack of expressiveness, having the belief of not being a serious person when he expresses many emotions. Based on the active awareness, he understands dramatizing a bit his speech can be convenient, since it will come in handy on his commercial and entrepreneur sides, so we started to work it through storytelling exercises and roll play.

SESSION 7th and 8th – Integral Development – Talent & Virtues: Client acknowledges having a great capacity for time management, which can be used to develop a complete daily schedule for learning and conducting market research, as for commercial work touchdown with winemakers. At the same time the comprehension he can not pretend his business moving ahead as fast as he thought, enables him to become more patient and to keep his agenda in a consistent manner; Coach/Consultant provided him a commercial orientation.

SESSION 9 th and 10 th – Integral Development – Self-efficacy: Client acknowledges having a great fear of failing, getting blocked in many situations. Through the sessions he learns to improve the way he talks with himself, avoiding repeating constantly what will go wrong.

SESSION 11 th and 12 th – Integral Development – Social Skills: Client acknowledges he is somehow introverted with the need to improve his ability to relate from both personal and commercial point of view. Client receives training and participates in Assertiveness and Emotional Intelligence workshops. This allows him to both gather much more information on his market research and get better deals with winemakers.

SESSION 13th and 14th: Monitoring sessions through Coaching, Consulting and Mentoring. Client has already managed to secure the launch of his business, feeling accompanied by us in his achievements, to the final realization of his dream.

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